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Meet the Github for designers

You’ve spent hours creating and iterating mockups for a client, and now you are ready for your work to be seen. So you pop it on Dropbox, or put it up on Basecamp. But the iterative process that got you from client brief to finished product is lost behind the polish of the finished presentation. Enter Pixelapse, a Github for designers. All your design files are synced in realtime so that at each step of the design process, changes can be viewed by your team, client, and even the public.


Pixelapse aims to open source design, allowing a peek behind the curtain of what has conventionally been a very secretive process. By championing open collaboration Pixelapse puts iterative creative refinement front and center. It is driven by the philosophy of Open Design and backed by their open manifesto.

Open Design Manifesto


In a recent interview with Co.Design, Pixelapse co-founder Min Ming Lo explained the purpose behind the open design platform:

“If you look at the current sites, like Behance, they serve a community well as a means to show off a portfolio. So if I created something, I’d make sure I polished it really well, put it up there, and that’s that. People say, ‘Good job!’

We wanted to create something where designers are free to share what they’re working on, not as a showcase per se, but really looking at the context of what’s going on in a project, and how projects are actually designed.”

While Pixelapse is not yet as powerful a tool for designers as Github is for coders, Lo has big plans to evolve it to that level. And the design community has been quick to embrace it, with tens of thousands of active users and a growing community of open source design projects. Pixelapse can be used for free, or with a subscription to enable private projects.

Try it out today and let us know what you think.

Pixelapse is an open source platform allowing designers to share the iterative process behind their designs, and the finished products for the whole community to use.