Black business cards

Black Business Cards Inspiration – 22 Sweet Examples

Coming close on the heels of our last post featuring kraft paper business cards, here is a black business cards themed post for anyone looking for some dark inspiration. Not only does the use of black give these cards major style points, it lends whomever has their name emblazoned on the front an air of mystery.

There’s nothing like a solid black business card to turn heads, and turn heads these do. Hand a card like one of these out at your next networking event and you can bet that the person on the receiving end will be holding onto it, not just binning it along with the pocketful of others.

Let us know in the comments what you think of these black beauties!

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Black Business Cards for Fuse

Black Business Cards for Fuse

Yes. Mayes Design.

Black Business Cards

Spot UV coating that reveals its full message on closer inspection.


Black Business Cards for Berthama

The stark black & white lines make for a very sharp, minimalist aesthetic.

Frederik De Clercq

Black Business Cards for Frederik de Clercq

Loving the thick white edges!

Amy Weibel

Black Business Cards for Amy Weibel

From the designer:

Front, back, and detail shot of personal business cards. Letterpress was done at Boxcar Press, on 220lb Crane Letra, with 2-color press on front, and backside debossing. A bright green edge paint was done for added detail.


Black Business Cards for Ibuzzn

The silk-laminate with the spot UV coating make for a nice contrast of blacks.

Projekt, INC.

Black Business Cards for Projekt INC

Interesting texture on this one. Silver Letterpress Ink on 600gsm Hahnemuhle German Etching Special Black.

We Are Sweet

Black Business Cards for We Are Sweet

Premium matte card design for ‘we are sweet’ printed with foil blocked design.

Yannick Armspach

Black Business Cards for Yannick Armspach

Nice contrast of colours against the black.

North Alps

Black Business Cards for North Alps

Nice and clean. On a side note, the subtle logo is clever.

Pour Elle

Black Business Cards for Pour Elle

Vlade Dimovski

Black Business Cards for Vlade Dimovski

Chris Cavill – Graphic Designer

Black Business Cards for Chris Cavill

Printed on 540gsm duplex GF Smith board with blind embossing and matt black foil.

Francisco Aveledo Design

Black Business Cards for Francisco Aveledo Design

Ultra matte. Ultra minimalist. Love it.


Black Business Cards for Designfirst

Simple minimalist business card, black on black effect with coated mate and UV finish.

Thought & Theory

Black Cards for Thought and Theory

Nice textured black.

Aaron Kapor

Black Business Card for Aaron Kapor

Heart Roasters

Black Business Card for Heart Roasters

LP Creative

Black Business Card for LP Creative

Gabriel Von Doscht

Black Business Card for Gabriel Von Doscht

Super retro colour splash!

Oana Calin

Black Business Card for Oana Calin

They seem to have messed up the spacing between the ‘N’ and the ‘A’.


Black Business Cards (20)

So simple and yet so sweet!

For all those who love business cards, until the next post you can stay inspired by checking out this post featuring kraft paper business cards. If letterpress is more your thing, read this post from the archives and make sure to watch the accompanying video.

Coming close on the heels of our last post featuring kraft paper business cards, here is a black business cards themed post for anyone looking for some dark inspiration.