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Web Typography – 21 Beautiful Examples of Typography in Web Design

Today’s post features inspiring examples of web typography from a number of sources, from design agencies to freelancers to a hot dog shop. Modern browsers are becoming more capable of rendering type. Attention to the setting and arrangement of type on the digital page is a necessity for any designer. Granted some of the examples below still rely on images of text rather than browser-rendered type. However, a number of the examples showcase creative uses of type relying only on CSS, HTML & Javascript. Gone are the days of flashing hard to read text. Web typography is becoming an art form in and of itself. As the technical barriers to implementing beautiful type on a website diminish, we are seeing far more creative uses of type in ways that would not have been possible only a few years ago. Thank goodness because if we never see another neon green Comic Sans headline we’ll be thrilled.

Web Typography by Wheat – Custom WordPress Designers

Web Typography Examples - Web design by Wheat

Studio V4

Web Typography Examples - StudioV4

Mark Heggan – Web & UI Designer

Web Design Typography - Mark Heggan

Station Street Hot Dogs

Station Street Hot Dog Shop Also featured in our previous post on examples of responsive web design.

Undercurrent – Digital Strategy Firm

Web Design Typography - Undercurrent


Web Design Typography - Meetdraw

Yebo Creative

Web Design Typography - Yebo Creative

Planet Propaganda

Web Design Typography - Planet Propaganda

Slobodan Zdravkov – Designer & Developer

Web Design Typography - Zdravkov


Web Design Typography - Gnosh

Andy Patrick Design – Web & Print Design

Web Design Typography - Andy Patrick

Rob Davis – Graphic Designer

Web Design Typography - Rob Davis

Blind Barber

Web Design Typography - The Blind Barber


Web Design Typography - Kicksend

Cast Iron Design Company

Web Design Typography - Cast Iron Design Company

Belong – Hand Printed T-Shirts

Web Design Typography - Belong


Typography in Web Design

Soup Peddler

Typography in Web Design - Soup Peddler

Marija Zaric – Web Designer

Typography in Web Design - Marija Zaric

Carbure – Digital Workshop

Typography in Web Design - Carbure

Arun’s Folio

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Featuring inspiring examples of web typography from a number of sources, from design agencies to freelancers to a hot dog shop.