Script typefaces are still going strong, perhaps even making a resurgence after many years of sans-serif obsession. While they should not dominate a page, script fonts can spice up a design; they are particularly useful for short impact statements, such as sub-headings, and can be appropriate for large display text depending on the context. But remember, a script font should ALWAYS be used in moderation!

Infographics (information graphics) are a method of distilling complex data, statistics or concepts into much simpler graphical representations. They also have become a popular tool with which businesses can drive traffic to their own websites by hiring designers to create sexy visualizations about any number of (often obscure) topics and placing a big sponsored by logo […]

Responsive web design is becoming increasingly popular. It allows designers to make websites more accessible across devices. This gallery features eleven new examples of responsive web design inspiration. For more inspiration check out my two previous posts of examples of responsive web design. For the uninitiated here is a brief overview of what responsive web design is […]